DSI launches HydraFlow© Unlimited Cylce, Full Bore Bypass Sub

HydraFlow© is DSI’s Hydraulically Activated, Unlimited Cycle, Full Bore slim tool developed on the back of PBL’s world renowned Thru Tubing multiple activation bypass tool. Differential activation/de-activation cycling means the tool does not require balls, darts, RFID chips or electronic pulses to cycle the tool. DSI HydraFlow© can be cycled indefinitely, and a clear Thru Bore is maintained throughout the operation. By splitting the flow, DSI HydraFlow© enables the operator to achieve effective hole cleaning and efficient well-bore management while maintaining allowable flow rates through today’s sophisticated down-hole tools. These unique features make DSI HydraFlow© the ideal tool for use in Coiled Tubing Drilling & Completions operations.

DSI HydraFlow© is most commonly used to increase annular velocity or for hole cleaning purposes whether it is to remove perforation gun metal shavings, sand debris left over from fracking, while drilling out plugs or when running scrapers and brushes. DSI HydraFlow© is also utilised on Milling and Fishing Operations.

Features / Benefits

  • Unlimited Activation / De-activation Cycles
  • Superior TFA (larger TFA (3-ports), when compared to competition)
  • Short Tool Length
    • No Catcher sub required
    • Tool can be placed closer to critical BHA components
  • Safe Operations (No Ball Launching procedure while on pressurized system)
  • Reduces the need for Short Trips hence reduces Coil Fatigue
  • Reduces friction and drag on Coil
  • Provides Full Drift at all times
  • Allows high flow rates at low system pressure
  • Field proven Indexing activation / deactivation technology


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