Schoeller-Bleckmann’s Drilling Technology Successfully Completes Four Geothermal Wells With PBL®, BICO Motor, and D-Tech RSS Solutions in The Netherlands


  • A customer was drilling four wells as part of a Geothermal project in the Southern region of The Netherlands.
  • They needed to batch-drill the 12 ¼-in. sections back-to-back.
  • The different trajectories and downhole conditions meant that different BHA configurations were needed for each well.


Working closely with the customer, the team recommended several Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield (SBO) drilling technologies—DSI PBL®,  D-Tech Rotary Steerable tool, BICO Beast motor, and SBO non-magnetic drill collars—be included in the various BHAs.

Conclusion & Recommendation

  • By combining the responsiveness and operational expertise of the customer with close onsite support by the SBO teams and market leading technology, this challenging four well project was completed ahead of schedule.
  • The customer was extremely satisfied with the overall performance and unique capabilities of the SBO tools and is planning to use them again on the next sequence of wells.

Key facts