Using the PBL® multiple times to displace cement & LCM for losses control in a deep-water well


DSI /Schoeller Bleckmann do Brasil Ltda (SBBR) was contacted by a major customer in Brazil to propose a solution to increase the number of the PBL activation and deactivation cycles. The tool being used by this customer was 5 cycles maximum and, due to severe losses of drilling fluid, multiple LCM and cementing operations often led to the current maximum cycle limit.


To address the client’s needs, the PBL tool with an extended ball catcher (which can hold up to 10 cycles) was the right solution for this requirement. This allows scaling up of LCM and/or cement used in these operations by doubling the capability of activation and deactivation cycles, and avoid the need to prematurely POOH the BHA.

Conclusion & Recommendation

PBL is the tool that provided an important ability to perform multiple operations of losses control by protecting and isolating the sensitive tools (LWD, MWD, rotary steerable, etc of the BHA while displacing cement and/or LCM. Also, after displacing the cement to the annulus, the PBL has the unique feature to close the ports, isolating the drill string from the annulus, avoiding the undesirable flow back of cement to the drill string and ensuring well control.

Key facts