DSI PBL® BYPASS SYSTEM ensured a successful double coring operation in Mexico


A major independent oil company in Mexico requested a 4-3/4 PBL bypass system to be used above a double core barrel 5-7/8” x 4-3/4. The target was to facilitate maximum core sample recovery followed by fluid displacement to change density from 12.86 to 13.94 ppg using the same BHA.


Assure critical geological information by using the PBL by-pass system which mitigates core sample washouts during fluid displacement and pulling out.

Conclusion & Recommendation

A successful coring operation, 93% of the coring sample recovered (16.78 m recovered from the total 18 m). Additionally, by placing a PBL sub above the core barrel, 100% bypass was achieved, preventing core sample washout during fluid displacement to change density which was required to ensure hole stability while tripping out.

Key facts