DSI PBL® BYPASS SYSTEM has been activated for pumping loss control material above the rotary steering system for a major Chinese offshore operator on its first PBL job in Bohai Bay


In September 2021, a major Chinese national offshore operator in Bohai Bay awarded its first circulating subcontract to DSI for the provision of a PBL bypass system. A faulty zone at 2,400m well depth was anticipated prior to drilling.


A 8-1/4” PBL bypass system was added to the rotary steering system BHA to allow pumping LCM while drilling, eliminating the need for additional trips, greatly reducing the drilling cost in comparison to the traditional methods.

Conclusion & Recommendation

DSI was able to produce optimized PBL technical parameters making it fit for the purpose intended. DSI’s professional training team have conducted a number of PBL service and operational training courses for the benefit of the operator’s drilling and downhole tools teams with the aim of optimizing the rig crew costs under the prevailing COVID-related restrictive conditions.

Key facts