Major operator in Azerbaijan saves substantial amount of $$$$ by choosing to use the slim-hole PBL® Bypass System



During a production isolation plug retrieving operation on an offshore rig, a major multi-national operator in Azerbaijan requested for small OD circulating subs in order to displace completion fluid through a 7“x5½“ liner.


A 3 1/8“ OD PBL circulating sub was selected by the operator for this operation to be placed within their BHA.60 BBLS of FLO-PRO fluid was pumped through the PBL circulating sub to displace 1.17 SG NaCl/MEG. In addition, a further 288 BBLS was pumped to balance the fluid in place. This displacement spotted a balanced plug 1,088 meters above the production isolation plug. At this stage, there were 15 BBLS of FLO-PRO fluid in the tubing and 45 BBLS in the annulus. Once the well was confirmed as static, the PBL circulating sub and BHA were POOH.

Conclusion & Recommendation

By using the slim-hole PBL® Bypass tool during this operation, the operator was able to eliminate at least one dedicated trip, resulting in substantial savings in both time and cost.

Key facts

Eliminate dedicated trips
Save money
Ability to use in deep water