Major operator in Azerbaijan saves substantial amount of $$$$ by choosing to use the slim-hole PBL® Bypass System



During a production isolation plug retrieving operation on an offshore rig, a major multi-national operator in Azerbaijan requested for small OD circulating subs in order to displace completion fluid through a 7“x5½“ liner.


A 3 1/8“ OD PBL circulating sub was selected by the operator for this operation to be placed within their BHA.60 BBLS of FLO-PRO fluid was pumped through the PBL circulating sub to displace 1.17 SG NaCl/MEG. In addition, a further 288 BBLS was pumped to balance the fluid in place. This displacement spotted a balanced plug 1,088 meters above the production isolation plug. At this stage, there were 15 BBLS of FLO-PRO fluid in the tubing and 45 BBLS in the annulus. Once the well was confirmed as static, the PBL circulating sub and BHA were POOH.

Conclusion & Recommendation

By using the slim-hole PBL® Bypass tool during this operation, the operator was able to eliminate at least one dedicated trip, resulting in substantial savings in both time and cost.

Key facts