PBL® bypass system used in Yakutia region during drilling a multilateral well

DSI’s PBL® Bypass System was deployed by a major operator during a workover operation


Due to a low fracture gradient of the formation where there are natural fractures and multilateral well design, mud loss incidents are the largest NPT contributor while drilling.


Selection of the circulating sub type was a key decision. After multiple operational failures of the hydraulically activated circulating sub systems the customer decided to use the PBL® bypass system with the least amount of failure. A 4.3/4” OD PBL® bypass system with extended catcher cage was deployed in this well.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The customer performed 15 activation/deactivation cycles on a single tool during the drilling of this well.

The PBL® bypass system showed high reliability and performance compared with its competitors in such rough and demanding drilling conditions.

Key facts