DSI PBL Bypass System helps the operator to save the well as it re-establishes circulation and kills the well in a packed-off situation allowing successful POOH

DSI PBL® Bypass System saves thousands of $$$’s by preventing NPT for an operator by allowing LCM and cement displacement to cure losses in a deep-water GoM well without the need for a dedicated trip to run the cementing stinger. 1


During offshore drilling operations for a major Indian operator, the well took an influx and partially collapsed, with the drill-string becoming packed off.


DSI advised that a ‘Fast Dart’ should be dropped from surface to the 8 ¼” PBL Circulating Sub, which was positioned within the BHA approximately 52m behind the drill-bit. Falling under gravity and without the need to circulate, the ‘Fast Dart’ successfully landed in the PBL tool allowing the tool to be activated into the open position and begin attempts to regain circulation.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The PBL Bypass System ensured that circulation was regained in a Packed-Off situation with well control issues and allowed the drill-string to be successfully pumped out of hole.

Key facts