DSI PBL® BOOSTER Bypass Tool 1

DSI launches PBL® BOOSTER Bypass Tool

PBL  BOOSTER  Bypass  Tool  is  DSI’s  new  option  for  splitting  the  flow  during  drilling, completion and workover operations.

Features / Benefits

  • Multiple activation capabilities
  • Single-ball  activation  /  de-activation  cycles  using  proven  ball-drop  technology
  • enables the operator to precisely determine when the tool is closed / open
  • Standard  interchangeable  jetting  nozzles  are  directed  up-hole  allowing  for increased fluid velocity minimizing well-bore erosion and maximizing hole cleaning and motor performance
  • Fluted main body has wear reduction coating applied in exterior contact areas to allow for increased well-bore interaction reducing vibration
  • Completely mechanical; no electronics or hydraulics means operator ease-of-use and operating consistency.
  • Integrated float minimizes tool length while maintaining well control
  • Ability to activate or de-activate at any angle
  • High-pressure / high-temperature capabilities
  • Ten full ball cycles as standard; extended cycle tools available on request
  • Customized  hydraulics  program  to  size  tool  nozzles  for  optimal performance


Flow in the tool remains in the optimum range
Drilling parameters remain optimal at the bit
Proper ECD management allows optimized drilling operations in tight operational margin scenarios
Better steerability
Optimum motor bit and RSS performance
Elimination of tool damage due to erosion and vibration during clean up