DSI FZE is pleased to introduce a new option for splitting the flow while drilling, completion and workover operations. With a single ball activation/de-activation cycle a pre-calculated amount of drilling or completion fluid will pass through the Booster Tool and on to the BHA below while the remaining fluid is diverted out of the Booster Tool ports. The ability to split the flow gives the operator more options on available hydraulics and hole cleaning parameters.


This innovative, new tool uses the following features to make it unlike any other circulation tool on the market:

  • Single ball activation/de-activation cycles using proven ball-drop technology enables the operator to precisely determine when the tool is closed / open
  • Standard interchangeable jetting nozzles are directed up-hole allowing for increased fluid velocity minimizing well-bore erosion and maximizing hole cleaning and motor performance
  • Fluted main body has wear reduction coating applied in exterior contact areas to allow for increased well bore interaction reducing vibration
  • Completely Mechanical; No electronics or hydraulics means operator ease-of-use and constant reliability
  • Integrated float minimizes tool length while maintaining well control
  • A customized hydraulics program is utilized to size tool nozzles for optimal performance